Above All Tree Services

Tree Removals, Pruning and Deadwooding

Our expert tree professionals provide a broad range of services including tree removal, tree pruning, deadwooding, elevated work platform and crane work. Our commitment to safety and quality safety ensures the works are carried out in a safe, efficient and environmentally responsible manner. All of our crew are fully trained and highly experienced.

We provide quality service at affordable prices and we work fast, safely and efficiently. We are equipped and qualified to remove any tree no matter the size or location, including trees in confined spaces and over electrical wires and we clean up so no mess is left behind.

We provide services for the following property types:




Government and other facilities

Rail and Airport facilities

Strata and Real Estate properties


Stump Grinding

We can grind stumps quickly, sometimes in as little as half an hour. Our staff have specialized tools and training to ensure the stump is removed to the limit of the equipment in a timely manner. Our quality equipment allows us to remove the stump safely to a maximum 300-400mm below ground level, ensuring that you are not left with an unsightly and unsafe stump protruding out of the ground.


Elevated Work Platforms and Cranes

Our professional qualified arborists are trained to work at height, in confined spaces, near power lines, over houses, and near roads and rail lines. Above All Tree Services will accomplish tree removal in a safe and professional manner as not to damage surrounding property.


Chipping and Mulch Supply

To receive mulch delivered to your house, simply email us and provide your name, phone number, address and how much mulch you would like to receive.  It may take up to 4 weeks to receive it, and we can’t guarantee a specific date/time as availability varies depending on our scheduled jobs.

The minimum delivery size is approximately 5 cubic metres, and the maximum size (for a single load) is 17 cubic metres.  We cannot deliver an exact quantity, so please specify the approximate amount you are looking for, and we will call you when we are in your area and let you know what we have.  You can choose to accept it or not.

For our truck to gain access to your property, the entrance needs to be at least 2.5 metres wide, with no overhead power lines.  The height of our trucks is 3.3 metres. Please note we are unable to dump on the public footpath or nature strip due to council regulations.  You don’t need to be home at the time of delivery, we can simply dump in your driveway or other specified location and leave.



For an additional cost we can cut any timber from pruning or removal works at you home into appropriate sizes for firewood. Costs will vary depending on the type and quantity of timber so please let us know your requirements while we are quoting.


24 Hour Emergency

For fallen or damaged trees, posing an immediate risk to life or property, we will attend you property as soon as possible to make the situation as safe as possible. Once the risk is reduced to an acceptable level, completion of the job can then be scheduled.

PLEASE NOTE: During events such as severe storms, our Arborists are likely to be in high demand and jobs will need to be prioritised depending the urgency of each situation.